1st EHS Task Force Public Debate

Pandemics & Vaccines, HERA Incubator
23 April 2021

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Pierre Delsaux

DG SANTÉ, European Commission Deputy Director General

“HERA will not only focus on COVID it will have a much broader scope – focus on future pandemics: monitoring the situation, anticipating the issue & providing the necessary measures.”

“The virus will continue to mutate. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control is exchanging information to know exactly which variants are appearing around the world to make sure we monitor the situation. Global cooperation is essential.”

Michel Goldman

President, I3h Institute, ULB

“Public-private partnerships are essential if HERA is to succeed. Pharma companies are key partners in the healthcare sector, but they don’t have the monopoly. Other important private stakeholders can contribute to fight the pandemic.”

“The US and the UK have provided the most pertinent observations on COVID-19 as well as the major advances in terms of treatment. The European research contribution to the day-to-day care of COVID-19 is rather limited. Hopefully, VACCELERATE will enable the EU to do better in the future.”

Maria Carvalho

Member of the European Parliament

”We need more investment in research. HERA could promote research and cooperation in the biomedical area. The more open we are to the world, the more we can learn and act.”

“Health ecosystem: we need more investment & be able to transform the knowledge in solutions in a short time and in an effective & affordable way. We need to reduce the bureaucracy & the market fragmentation.” 

Luc Debruyne

Strategy Advisor to CEO, CEPI Former CEO, GSK Vaccines

“2021 is a complex year because it is all about the virus behaviour and its effect on the vaccination strategies. We are turning to a regional approach; CEPI will be an enabler to make sure we deal with this pandemic in a global collaborative way.”

“We need to use innovation in the broadest way to make sure we can deal better with future pandemics.”

“The upscaling of the sequencing is not good enough. UK is far ahead the EU. To go ahead with the fight against the new variants we need to change the vaccination strategy.”

Heike Galbraith

Pfizer, Global Director rare diseases and vaccines

“HERA will play an important role, especially for the late-stage development. Our vaccine is working well, but we are closely monitoring the situation for new variants.”

“I can only support the use of artificial intelligence & IT in improving clinical trials. There is a huge unlocked potential.”

“We have been a good partner with authorities. We believe that the protection of Intellectual Property rights plays a big role, we wouldn’t have had the vaccines so quickly without it.”

Sam Proesmans

Advisor to the Belgian Prime Minister

“As member states we should have some self reflection: What are we best at and how we can contribute to HERA?”  

“We need to coordinate across borders on the healthcare response. A better coordination on all levels will be beneficial to all member states.”

Elena Bonfiglioli

Microsoft, Regional business leader health and life sciences EMEA

“Our main goals should be to continue thinking on transparency for vaccine planning, to give clarity of what’s happening, and to provide a real time response to the citizens’ demands. We need to share sequencing data at European level.”

“We need a stronger collaboration with the authorities and we need to support research with stronger computing capabilities. We should not let our guard down.”