2nd EHS Task Force Public Debate

European Health Data Space
10 June 2021

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Petra De Sutter

Belgian Deputy P.M. and Minister of Civil Service, Public Enterprises, Telecommunications & Post

What is your dream for the EU health data space?  “We have so much innovation capacity in the EU that we could be pioneers in this area and set standards at the global level. Our ambition is to become global leaders in 10 years time. That’s my dream.”

“Digital health should be a mean to help patients instead of a goal to serve economic interests. Privacy rights are essential. We need to ensure that the development of a health data space in the EU doesn’t lead to a digital divide between the EU Member States.”

John Gordon

Sr. Director, Innovation Lab Lead, International Developed Markets (IDM), Pfizer Digital

Thanks to Health Data, clinical trials will get faster, decentralised and remote. We think about the 4 Ps: Precise, Preventative, Personalised and Patient-centric.”

“Free access to cross border data is incredibly important to make research as efficient as possible. It will make Europe much more competitive at a global stage.”

Mario Campolargo

Director-General DIGIT, European Commission

How to cooperate at a global level? 

“We need to build a trusted interaction between the EU Member States. We need to develop common ethical foundations that will allow us to collaborate. Let’s work together!”

 “With more Health Data available for Research, we can get more concrete results for people as well as more competitiveness in the markets”

Bert Verdonck

Program Manager Health Data Initiatives and GAIA-X, Philips


“There are two critical elements for a functional system: First, the creation of a system that can easily be scaled to millions. Second, a unity of language and an interoperability across the EU.”

“There shouldn’t be one central collection of data, but a decentralised/ federated one with a level of control on how data is managed & extracted.”

Elena Bonfiglioli

Regional business leader health and life sciences EMEA, Microsoft

 We need business models that support the dignity of patients and the utility of data. Transparency, inclusiveness and privacy are crucial aspects of the process.” 

“In the near future, data will be shareable and easily visualized by the doctor. As a result, patients will be safely monitored, not only in the doctor’s waiting room”

Menno Kok

Managing director EIT Health Belgium – Netherlands

“How to connect citizens to what we are doing in research and healthcare innovation to make them real active participants? That requires not just trust, but also good communication and a level of literacy that we really have to work on.”

“Data really is our memory, our language, the major enabler of healthcare innovation and the drive of a lot of opportunities in preventive medicine. In our daily work in EIT Health , we see that when we connect research to applications, the data is always in the middle.”